First World Problems

You know how sometimes you’re not feeling well and so you go home early only to find that the housekeeper is still there so you stumble into your home office mumbling something about “working from home” because the only thing more guilt-inducing than sitting on your a$$ while someone else cleans your house is sitting on your […]

An Open Letter

I wrote yesterday about the visit to my Grandpa. Two things really distressed me about that visit: I just felt so helpless. Unable to understand what he tried to say, unable to help, unable to do anything to make it better. Grandpa looked like an Old Man. I’ve seen that Old Man before; in the mall, […]

Finding The Words

This summer, my grandparents moved out of the home my father grew up in, and into a retirement home. It was time. Grandpa has been suffering from failing eyesight and Parkinson’s disease, and living at home was becoming too much. There were too many falls. There was a night spent on the bathroom floor before Grandma […]

EuroCaching 2014 – By The Numbers

Caches found: fifty Most countries cached in a single day: three Time on the ground in Zurich before finding a cache: twenty-seven minutes Nights out with local cachers in Luxemboug: one Languages spoken at the dinner table: four Friendships forged over the course of the evening: many Depth of the Pétrusse valley, Luxembourg City: 379 metres Number of times […]

mY ThAnksgIviNG VaCAtion

On Thanksgiving Day we went for a walk. Just Meena and me. Meena took pictures of things that interested her. Like broken trees. I took pictures of things that interested me. Like Meena. Meena dropped seeds for the chickadees. Then other animals came. I took pictures of the animals. Meena took pictures of the animals. I took pictures of […]