11 London Discoveries (that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been geocaching)

So, SO many things I wouldn’t have seen and done in London if I hadn’t been geocaching. I never would have known about the Fire Brigade Museum, described in the write-up for a nearby cache. (Meena’s going to love this one!)


I certainly wouldn’t have gone to a downtown pub at happy hour on a Tuesday to meet a few dozen perfect strangers, accompanied by a blue and green monster.


And my favourite shot of St. Paul’s happened solely because I was trying to nonchalantly squat down next to an wall outside the Tate so that I could reach into the ivy and pull out a cache without anyone noticing (or asking me what the hell I was doing – see this post for the dangers of getting busted by muggles).


I never would have ventured off the beaten track to a tiny little park next to Westminster, where I got my favourite shot of the parliament buildings…Geocaching-LondonDiscoveries04

… not to mention discovering that – OMG – British school girls actually wear those hats!



And then there were St. Katherine’s Docks – this whole network of dead-ended former canals (?) lined with pathways & condos. I want one of those condos.


Oh, and wildlife. In the middle of London. Who knew?


But my favourite? If it weren’t for geocaching, I would never have checked the tide tables for Tower Pier.


(NB: if you look closely above, you’ll see someone who didn’t. Check the tide tables, that is. That stairway is going to get a lot wetter before it’s reachable from the sand).

So why did the tide tables matter? Well, at low tide I managed to get a whole different perspective.


And I found some really cool rocks (thanks to this earth cache). They’re flint nodules – like the stuff ancient arrowheads are made of. How cool is that?


Not your standard souvenir. Also? There’s no line item for that on the customs form. I, er, didn’t choose to add one, either. Fortunately, the cute lab puppy roaming the baggage carousel in YOW didn’t have them on his List of Things to Worry About.

And along with the rocks, there were boat bits. Really big boat bits. Attached to massive chains that went on for ever and ever…


… and ever…


(incidentally, I never did figure out if there was a boat at the other end.)

And finally, without geocaching, even if I HAD wandered down to the river bed, I never would have looked at this…


… and thought “hm, why don’t I climb in and take a look?” And if I hadn’t done that, I would have missed out on the least-touristy-shot-of-London-evah:


ALSO my favourite cache evah. It’s under water at high tide. Can you see it?

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