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25(?) Days of Christmas

Our 25 Days of Christmas is going to be anything but. No carefully planned daily activities, this is totally a seat-of-the-pants thing. Witness:

  • Instead of starting with December 1st,  we’re starting with St. Nicholas Day, December 6th.
(St. Nicholas used to drop gold in the shoes of girls
who were to poor to afford dowries. In these enlightened
days, he leaves treats in the shoes of boys and girls.)


  • Instead of having St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, we’re doing it tomorrow, December 8th. Because St. Nicholas hasn’t had a chance to go shopping yet.
  • If St. Nicholas doesn’t go shopping soon, St. Nicholas Day will duly be shifted to the 9th. Or, well, that would mean opening shoes on a school morning, so maybe the 12th – which is, of course the traditional day for the Patron Saint of Unwedded Girls and Unhappy School-Teachers.

For non-Ontarians: Ontario teachers are staging rotating
one-day strikes. The 12th is Ottawa’s lucky day.

  • Instead of starting our Advent calendar on the 8th (or 9th, or 12th) and counting up to 25, we’re starting from 17 (or 16, or 13) and counting DOWN. Because no matter where we start, we end at 0.

Practical upshot – this is probably the last year I can arbitrarily shift holidays around on the calendar (I’ve been known to move Christmas), and I am going to make the most of it.

I’ve been busily stealing collecting ideas from Andrea (the patron saint of the 25 Days), Sara, and Lynn, here’s a rough sketch of what we’ll probably be doing. More or less.

  1. set shoes out for St. Nicholas
  2. watch The Sweater
  3. watch The Grinch
  4. make peppermint bark
  5. blow ice-bubbles
  6. go for our first skate on our first backyard rink (this may be a bit optimistic)
  7. make Christmas presents for the cousins
  8. bake cookies
  9. take a collection of cookies/bark to the neighbours
  10. Christmas music dance party
  11. tour the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights
  12. make salt dough ornaments
  13. build a snowman
  14. make ice balls
  15. buy a tree
  16. decorate the tree
  17. make candy cane mice
  18. decorate the house
  19. put up Christmas lights & a wreath on the front door

What do you have planned for the holidays?


  1. I won’t lie, we don’t do the days of Christmas thing. It is just too much pressure for me. And with the little one exausted every night it isn’t the best time for us to start ‘doing’ things :). But this weekend decorated our ginger bread houses (thank you Costco). And I hope to get in some baking this week. Little things 🙂

    1. THANK YOU! Reading about everyone’s activities makes me feel so inadequate sometimes :). I whipped up a bunch of cards on the weekend, stuck them in numbered clothes pegs and hung them on a string. They’re all blank, except for “tree” (ran out yesterday and bought it by myself – picked & wrapped in 5 minutes flat). And “shoes” in a card that will float until I get around to it :). I think there may be a lot of “Christmas dance parties” and “hang one ornament” evenings 🙂

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVE The Sweater! I think we have it on a CBC DVD around here somewhere. I’m going to go look right now!

    1. If you can’t find it, Lynn, there’s also an NFB app that has it. The Logdriver, too, I think…

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