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Dreams of Rink

A couple of weeks ago, ζach suggested we build a rink in the back yard. The stunned silence that greeted this proposal is a post of its own, but since today was the best weather we can expect for a while, a balmy +8°C and rainy, we built the frame.

ζach started by walking around the yard placing hardware in strategic locations. Meena followed behind, carefully picking them back up.

Here, daddy!

If only she would be so meticulous with her own toys.

Next we cut the lumber to length:

PSA: when using a 4-year-old as a hold-down, have a back-up system in place.

In truth, she was a great help – holding boards, handing out screws, helping to stretch out the liner. And at the end of a cold, rainy afternoon (and just in time for Boo to wake up from her nap), we stood back to admire our handiwork:

Then Meena looked at us, then looked at it, then back at us again and asked the obvious question:

Where’s the ice?



  1. I’m with Meena. Is it that cold there that if it rains (or you fill it with water) it will harden?

    (You have to understand it rarely/never gets to 0 degrees celsius where I live. I’ve only seen snow once!)


    1. LOL. Yes, it definitely gets cold enough here :). In fact, Ottawa is home to the world’s longest skating rink: in late fall they drain the Rideau Canal so there’s only a few feet of water left, and let that freeze. It’s quite a sight. Fleets of special Zambonis are used to groom the ice down the middle (they leave the edges a bit rough so you can walk along it as well. There are warming shacks and food vendors right there on the ice. Check it out:

      As for our little rink, we’ve been told it works best if you wait until the ground freezes, and then you fill it with water from the hose. I think you add a bit at a time, and let each layer freeze. This is our first try – I expect I’ll be blogging about it as we go along 🙂

  2. we did a backyard rink one year and my oldest loved it (my middle guy was only 1 at the time). I have wanted us to do one every year since but it hasn’t happened… who knows. Maybe this is the year. We just do the bladder from canadian tire thing. Our yard is so small we don’t need boards.

      1. pretty much, Last time we did it, we filled it and then cut the top off. My neighbour did it a bit different, he filled the bladder, let it freeze and then topped off the top with layers of water (presumably to better weather a mild patch, we had lots of snow that year so he was able to use snow banks as a kind of board.) They are cheap and work really well, just that the only come in 20’x 10′ which is actually perfect for my postage stamp back yard. We spend a lot of time at our neighbourhood rink too.

        1. We might look at something like that next year, have had no end of trouble trying to keep the plastic in place. I was out there with water filled balloons and bags as hold-downs. But there’s a thin layer of ice now, that’s all it seems to take to hold the plastic still. Tonight we flood, methinks!!! #soexcited #zambonishopping

          1. Hours of entertainment!!! There’s some pretty funny stuff there. I’m thinking we might go simple: the buckets+towel+toboggan looked promising…

    1. Oh, but you have me thinking. We have a tricycle with a stupid little bucket on the back that does nothing but collect rainwater… maybe I’ll let Meena groom the rink 🙂

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