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Elephant, Sister, Sister

Know what sucks? Waking up to "mommy, I have a sore throat" - and then getting puke in your ear.

Yup, welcome to the weekend. But with everyone cleaned up, and ζach making up the bed in the next room, I’m tucking the girls into bed with a large, floppy elephant.

“So, what do we have here – animal, vegetable, mineral?”


“Oh, I know – elephant, monster, monster.”


Out of the giggles, Meena tells me: “we have Elephant, Sister, Sister!” At which Boo turns to Meena, lays her hand gently on the side of her face and says,

“I love you, sister.”

“I love you too.”


    1. You did catch the puke at the beginning, right? Just making sure, cuz there were issues with the graphic. Heaven forbid I post nothing but cuteness 🙂

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