EuroCaching 2014 – By The Numbers

Caches found: fifty
Most countries cached in a single day: three
Time on the ground in Zurich before finding a cache: twenty-seven minutes

Nights out with local cachers in Luxemboug: one
Languages spoken at the dinner table: four
Friendships forged over the course of the evening: many

I {heart} Luxembourg

Depth of the Pétrusse valley, Luxembourg City: 379 metres
Number of times I hiked down into it: four
Number of times I hiked back out again: four
Number of drug deals interrupted in the process: two
Point at which I discovered there was an elevator: wait – what?
Regrets: zero

Pétrusse valley. Note that the bottom of the picture is the tops of the trees.

Longest hike for a single cache: twelve kilometres
Cache owner: Luxembourg City Tourist Office
Number of clues suffering from translation issues: several
Number of times I had to double back to the tourist office: two
Number of times I had already hiked the Pétrusse valley that day: two
Number of times I was nearly reduced to tears: two
Regrets: still zero

Clue: count the pillars on the swing. Answer: 5. #noidea

Inter-city train trips: five
Railway announcements I understood that were made in French: almost all of them
Railway announcements I understood that were made in English: almost none of them

ISIS threats against the NYC and Paris subway systems: one
Security “incidents” while riding the Paris metro: one
Distance walked home after that: far


Blisters acquired during the course of the entire trip: one
Blisters acquired while wearing technical socks: zero
Cost of technical sock collection: priceless

Sightings of Disney’s Frozen characters in the vicinity of Notre Dame Cathedral: one
Screenings of Disney’s Frozen in Ottawa during my absence: three
Live dramatic re-interpretations of same: unenumerated


Number of times stuck in a Paris Metro turnstile: one
Number of sympathetic passers-by required for extraction: three
Number of times I semi-unintentionally ripped off the Paris transit authority: one

Number of times I lost my camera bag: one
Time elapsed before I realized it was on my back: six seconds
Time shaved off my life-expectancy in the process: six years

Baguette consumed over in six days in Paris: eighty-four inches
Cost savings of eating home-packed baguette in five Paris parks: 60€
Cost savings of eating home-packed baguette in one Paris airport: 60€

Linear distance from check-in to the gate in Charles de Gaulle Airport: thirty metres
Walking distance from check-in to the gate in Charles de Gaulle Airport: two thousand six hundred and fifty-seven metres

Flight attendants that looked like Prince William: one. #happyface
Duration of flight with Wills: twenty eight minutes. #sadface

Time spent in lineups Ottawa-Toronto-Zurich, post 9-11: seven minutes
Time spent in lineups Paris-Montreal-Ottawa, post 9-11: don’t ask
Number of storks in it takes to gain entrance to a cockpit, post 9-11: two

Les Cigognes arrive in Montreal in style.

Caches found on the last day of the trip: two
Distance between caches: five thousand six hundred and sixty-one kilometres
Reason it was more important to find a cache than to get to the airport: it’s complicated

Number of blog posts I will squeeze out of this trip: TBD


  1. Okay, this is, like, the most insanely cool thing in the history of things. (I know this comment is totally pathetic compared to your comment from the other day, but I just realized that I sat down to write a blog post and watch The Witches of East End and now the evening is gone and Angus has volleyball really freaking early in the morning). Was this a bucket list thing to be scratched off before your hip surgery? Either way, just, just, WOW.

    1. Not bucket exactly, although I did kinda have to pick whether to go before or after (which is lots of fun when you don’t have an actual surgery date), so I spent much time stressing about whether the hip would get in the way of all the walking, or the surgery would pop up just in time to kill the trip… but as you see, it all worked out ok in the end (why this possibility never occurs to me in the beginning is a mystery). And fortunately (?) the one thing that did the most to my hip was the flight back (or maybe the flight back followed by days of sitting at my desk instead of walking around), so while I’m still worrying about whether the surgery is the right thing, at least I’m getting a little reminder of why I’m doing it :/.

      But really the only reason I’m not going to call it bucket list is it was really a super-sized version of my London trip (; also, I want to do it again :).

      (maybe it’s just a big bucket… it would need to be, I’m constantly adding things to it 😉

    2. PS. This was a lovely comment. Just because I tend to blether on in comments doesn’t mean everyone else has to. And your blog posts bring out the blatherer in me.
      PPS. I would like to know why “blether” is the verb, but one who blethers is a blatherer… at least according to auto-correct.
      PPPS. Neither of the above were the reason I started post-scripting… but now I can’t remember what that was. *sigh*

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