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First World Problems

You know how sometimes you’re not feeling well and so you go home early only to find that the housekeeper is still there so you stumble into your home office mumbling something about “working from home” because the only thing more guilt-inducing than sitting on your a$$ while someone else cleans your house is sitting on your a$$ watching Downton Abbey while someone else cleans your house?

And then once she’s gone you sneak upstairs to make yourself some popcorn because there’s nothing for a chest cold like hot buttered popcorn and you’re listening to the popping in the microwave while you idly flip through your Facebook feed when you suddenly remember that the popcorn is on the counter and that’s the butter that’s exploding?

And so you pull the dish out of the “clean” microwave and wipe out the butter that’s now coating the walls and then drop a fresh block in the dish while resolving to watch really closely this time and then what little melted butter was left from the first time explodes after just six seconds even though the fresh stuff hasn’t even melted yet?

No? It’s just me?

Never mind.


  1. Oh good.

    Or wait, that implies that I’m happy to see someone else in a similar predicament, doesn’t it? So, umm… thanks. That’s what I really meant: thanks. 🙂

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