losing it

Hump day? Bump day.

So, I’ve been at this whole diet thing for a little over a week now.

(Yes, I know. “Diet” is a bad word. But it’s easier to say “lifestyle change involving journalling, eating less, and exercising more”. Can I just call it a diet? Just for this post? Pleeeeease?)

Anyhow, whatever you call it, I’ve been at it a week and I’m surprised at how much my appetite has diminished. First there was the whole anxiety-driven un-hungriness yesterday (usually I eat my stress, but yes, there I times when instead I feel too stressed to eat). Today, I’m just kinda not hungry. And Zen. I can even feel myself get a little bit physically hungry before I feel any real need to eat.

Un-hungry. Zen. Nice.

Just think – it took about 4 or 5 days of journalling (mostly) until I was eating within my quota. And another 4 or 5 days to be Zen with it. I need to earmark this post for when things get tough, and I lose my groove. Because a week to get it back? I can handle that.

– 1 hour later –

Ok, so you know how they say “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes, it will change”? My question is this:


(My other question, of course, is who are “they” anyway? They sure have a lot to say.)

What? My point? Of course I have one! My point is, I ate my afternoon snack for lunch, because I wasn’t all that hungry. I just ate my lunch for afternoon snack – a grilled veggie salad packed with beef and mixed beans – and I’m hungrier than before I ate. What is UP with that?? And what happened to my ZEN???

Bumpity bump bump bump.

What does your road look like?
Smooth sailing? Or a bumpy ride?


  1. I had to laugh at this (with you not at you!) cos I can completely relate. My day / mood can turn around so quickly. I’ve had a zillion posts that I’ve drafted in one frame of mind and then finished in another. Or… I’ve had to shelve the drafts cos I could no longer relate to the negativity / positivity in the first part of it!

    So…. hang in there, I suspect the ride will continue to be bumpy – but ideally enjoyable along the way!


    1. LOL! Feel free to laugh *at* me, at any time, you’ll wind up laughing with me anyhow: I’m usually laughing at myself :). And I came so close to trashing this one, for exactly the same reason!

    1. What can I do? Give me something constructive, or I will be forced to resort to simple harassment. Crude, but occasionally effective.

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