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Rambling Lumberjacks (Or, Hi my name is Jean, this is my brother Jean, and this is my other brother Jean)

This post doesn’t make much sense (that is to say, it makes even less sense than usual) unless you also read yesterday’s post. But if you don’t want to do that, the executive summary:

  • I’m going to London.
  • I’m taking a bunch of geocaching hitchhikers with me.

(Are you sure you don’t
want to read yesterday’s post?)

But it’s not enough to take OTHER people’s hitchhikers – oh no. I need some of my own.

So I went and ordered 8 travel bugs.

(No really, go read yesterday’s post.
It’s got a glossary and everything.)

And then, you know, I have to attach the bugs to something. I wanted something that evoked the adventurous spirit with a bit of Canadiana, so I created custom keychains on Zazzle, using a screen capture from the Log Driver’s Waltz.


Then I decided they all need personalities! Backstories! GOALS!

The Tabernouche Brothers

The Tabernouche brothers grew up in the back woods of the Outaouais, watching the logs float by on the Ottawa river, before heading for the lumber camps. They are racing from London back to Ottawa the long way: EAST! Destination: a cache named “Voyageur Route” (also known as GC1E7TY), right on the banks of the river where deadheads (partially submerged logs), leftovers of the logging era, are a navigation hazard to this day.

First one home gets a dish of maman’s poutine!

Jean-Francois. The oldest brother. Tall, handsome, and responsible. The log driver that all the ladies want to dance with.

Jean-Louis. The closest thing the tight-knit Tabernouche clan has to a black sheep: a heavy drinker (even by lumberjack standards), prolific gambler, consummate sulker.

Jean-Claude. The quiet child. Wherever he is in the woods, there you will also find books.

Jean-Guy. The baby of the family. Sweet and round faced — like a cherub, as his maman will tell you. And as maman’s favourite, he learned early that he could get away with just about anything.

The Reconnaissance Party

These three have been enlisted for a very important mission: to explore the British Isles, then make their way back to a cache within the city of London – somewhere within reach of a Tube station – by spring of 2015. That’s when Meena, Moo, and I will pick them up and base our trip on visiting some of the places the boys have discovered:

Sven. Solid, dependable – that’s why Sven was selected as leader of this expedition. The broad-shouldered Swede commands respect in the logging camps, but really he’s a softie, and spends his evenings stretched out on his Ektorp sofa, writing home to his sweetheart, Inga.

Pierre. Pierre is a romantic – the lumber camps were SO not his scene. He’s happy to be on this mission, and hopes to seek out the castles and towers that hearken back to the days of chivalry.

Jacques. What can we say about Jacques? He’s just a nice guy with a great Franglais accent. He’s also a bookworm (he and Jean-Claude used to swap paperbacks in the bush), and has a particular interest in places with a literary significance.

And finally, Gabriel. Poor Gabriel. Haven’t figured out what he’s doing yet. I’m open to ideas…



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