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Remember the summer salad challenge? Um, yeah, that. Anyone who was keeping track knows that I didn’t actually hit my goal of 12 weeks/12 salads. Or, well, at least not 12 posts. I’m not that fussed, because I did achieve 2 things:

  • established healthier, vegetable-laden eating habits
  • discovered and/or concocted far more than 12 salads

The problem was,  many of them just didn’t seem post-worthy. There was no hard-and-fast recipe. Some of them even used (gasp!) bottled dressings.

I’ve settled on a new challenge for September: breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, don’t’cha know. And my recent bout of Greek-Yogurt-fatigue made me realize that while I need a routine to make sure I actually get a healthy breakfast, I also need to keep it fresh.

So I’ll be aiming for a new theme every week (ish).

  • oatmeal (baked, boiled, and fried. Ok maybe not fried. But then again, maybe fried. Why not?).
  • quinoa /pudding
  • freezable mini-quiches
  • And before I get too fancy-pants: muffins. Remember those? I still owe #muffinmonday one recipe for Double Chocolate Greek Yoghurt Muffins

But there’s still the question – how much of this will be post-worthy? (Ok, I’ll say it right now, the muffins were TOTALLY post-worthy.)

Maybe it’s looking at all the yummy food blogs, with carefully designed themes and professional-looking photos. This isn’t a food blog. I’m not a food blogger. And I’m OK with that.

But I still have lots of ideas, lots of quasi-recipes, and many many culinary mis-adventures I want to share, just none of it seems blog-worthy.

But maybe it could be micro-blog worthy?

I was thinking of starting a Facebook page – basically a food micro-blog. But of course I’m hung up on the terribly important details, like WHAT TO CALL IT.

I need your help. No fancy widgets, just tell me: which name do you like better?

  • Rambling Nibbles
  • Rambles & Nibbles
  • Tasty Bits
  • Bits, Bites, and Nibbles
  • ???

ARGH! I feel like I’m bubbling over with wonderful ideas and penned in by this one stupid detail.

Am I obsessing?
I think I’m obsessing.
But which one do you like better?


  1. I think you should still write about the recipes that aren’t “post-worthy”. Give a recap of how you tried the recipe out, and it failed for whatever reasons. You could even do a compilation post of the ones that failed…

    I’m looking forward to your oatmeal posts.

    Also – my mom just found a Company’s Coming muffin recipe book that I got for my 16th birthday. I used to love baking muffins when I was a teenager. I was dorky like that.

    1. You’re right Mel. It also occurs to me that I could, you know, just POST things on Facebook. I’m going to blame it on the organizing fetish that makes me want to keep everything in nice, neat, tidy little boxes :).

  2. It isn’t silly, One of the things diving me nuts about starting my own business is that I have yet to come up with a name. Totally normal 🙂 For the two of us anyhow 😉

    I like Bits, Bites and Nibbles.

    1. Glad I’m not alone. I had the same problem with starting a blog. Can I offer some (completely unqualified) advice? Just pick something. You can always change it :).

      1. Check my blog. I wrote about it a few weeks ago. Although things are progressing way slower than I thought they are progressing. I am baking and experimenting when I have time. Must post about that.

  3. HELL yes, names are super important. But I agree, you could absolutely just keep posting them here. I’m vegetably frustrated at the moment – my kids don’t like a lot of cooked vegetables and frankly neither do I, but I find salads very labour-intensive, probably because I’m just not in the habit of making them. Wow – boringest comment ever.

    1. Boring? Hell no! I spend half my waking hours thinking about this stuff. Or wait – that just makes ME boring.

      I think the problem with vegetables (aside from the fact that NOBODY likes them) is that they take so long to prepare. Freezing seems to kill any latent palatability, so fresh is our only option and that’s labour-intensive. Clearly, a personal chef is the only remaining option.

    2. Oh, and for the record, my kids don’t touch them in any form. I’ve decided to be content with the fact that, given the chance, they’ll eat their weight in grapes daily.

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