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Dropped the clinging, crying 3yo off at daycare only to discover we’d forgotten her bag. So of course today is the day that the daycare shoes are at home in the wash.

If I go home to get her bag then I might get back to the office in time to turn around and go back to pick up Meena from school.

And I just realized there’s a Geocaching meeting tonight that I’ve been trying to check out for MONTHS and I know I need to get out more, but I have to find the missing library DVD cover that’s due today, try on everyone’s snowsuits so that I can place the Land’s End order in time for Meena’s birthday, and make the pasta sauce; all of which I failed to do yesterday because I had to pick up groceries on the way home and dinner wasn’t ready until 6:30 and so the kids were late to bed. Again.

Feeling overwhelmed. You?


  1. Just most of the time. There is still an empty wine bottle on the dining room table and a mini-crockpot with the hardening remains of chocolate fondue from a dinner party I threw Saturday night. It’s Thursday.

    I can’t see the top of the washer or dryer due to the piles of clean, but wrinkled, clothes that are piled on top. Despite shopping just a few days ago, there’s nothing to eat in the house.

    The dog seems to selectively forget that he’s housetrained. Unless it’s 3 a.m. and then he remembers he needs to ask to go outside. And after a day of work and the commute and making dinner, I’d much rather flop down on the couch and watch Bones or Master Chef with the girls than clean up the kitchen.

    So, yeah, overwhelmed is a good word. I hope it gets better for both of us. In the meantime, I prescribe wine. 🙂

    1. Wine. Yes please. And if you’ll pass that crockpot I’ll happily scrape out the chocolate for you :).

      Thanks Alison. I hope things are getting better for you, but I’m also glad to hear mine is not the only laundry-coated dryer.

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