Curtain Call

When ζach asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, three things came to mind, but I only told him two: go geocaching together, and have a cake with leftovers that could go to the office the next day (instead of sitting on the counter calling my name for the next week). I didn’t say “take a […]

This Is Wholesome

You may or may not have watched that Honey Maid video, the one that responds to the wholesome-haters. If not, maybe you’ve just become jaded when it comes to viral videos that tug at the heartstrings. Me too. But I decided to watch this one. Not because I’ve seen the original ads – I haven’t. When […]

Do you write?

Do you write? Fiction? Poetry? Blog posts? Witty and perceptive Facebook updates? I like to write, whether it be crafting machine instructions into a piece of working code, or crafting words into a piece of working prose. And like many readers, I’ve always wanted to write the next Narnia series, or Harry Potter, or any […]

A Little Bedtime Reading

I’m having a tough time in the reading department. First, there was the scene in Sweetness in the Belly, during a party thrown for two little Ethiopian girls (the same age as my girls). It looks like a birthday party; the guest of honour is the midwife that delivered them. In a ritual we don’t […]


Dropped the clinging, crying 3yo off at daycare only to discover we’d forgotten her bag. So of course today is the day that the daycare shoes are at home in the wash. If I go home to get her bag then I might get back to the office in time to turn around and go […]

Some Awe

My kids are awesome. I mean this in the truest sense of the word: they put me in awe. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to engage in some stupid my-kid-was-toilet-trained-first nonsense; I’m sure your kids are awesome too. And in the interest of our friendship, I’ll even pretend that they’re as awesome as […]