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Slippery Slope (paved in glitter-glue)

Heaven help me, I think I’m about to become a scrapbooker.

(Because, as my poor, neglected guitar will tell you, I need another hobby.)

It started like this: we’re planning a trip to Montreal. I thought, why not hand Meena a guide book and tell her to pick out pictures of things she’d like to see? The first thing she picked was the royal arch at Montreal’s Chinatown, and I realized two things:

  1. we’re going to want a picture to carry with us, to help us “find” the arch
  2. Ottawa has a Chinatown, why don’t we go there?

To make a long story short, we started to compile an “adventure book”. So far, it has black & white printouts with:

  • photos of things to see in Ottawa, from Parliament Hill to a 67’s game, all carefully selected by Meena (I keep having to tell her that the 67s play hockey, not soccer. Don’t tell Amy.)
  • a photo scavenger hunt of Old Montreal (even I don’t know where to find this stuff, we’re going to add a map and mark down the places as we find them).

The map-fetished travel bug in me is doing happy dance after happy dance. Next we have to find pictures of Paris (Meena has become enamoured with the Eiffel Tower). And colour photos. And maps. And glue, and scissors, and… OMG, it’s a scrapbook.

I hear this scrapbooking thing is addictive. Also, I know there are many people out there with much more experience than I. So HELP! What do I need? Where do I get it? How do I make it all 4-year-old-friendly?

I guess this isn’t the end of the world. Maybe I’ll finally put our wedding photos in an album :).


  1. Start with a trip to Michaels craft store. They have lots of stickers of objects and places. Google images will also help to finish the book. I am an avid scrap poker. I must say how thoughtful this will be for her. Also give her a disposable camera for her to fill in the actual picture beside the one from Google!

    1. Thanks Susan! And don’t worry, she already has a camera :). Although I do like the disposible idea for travelling, I often leave her FisherPrice(?) at home just for fear it will get lost. Thanks!!

    1. Oh, does that ever sound familiar :). I finally purged a slough of craft supplies when we moved, and more since. Since posting this I have made a date with a friend – we have been meaning to have a ‘walking date’ for ages and are now using craft shopping as an incentive at the end of the walk – hopefully I’m not buying another hobby I won’t pursue! Oh well, at least I’ll have the walk 🙂

      But really, it’s a means to an end. I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I’ll make yearbooks for the kids (or even do the wedding book), but I love to travel so much & can’t wait to take Meena travelling, hopefully the “Adventure Book” will take off, so to speak :).

  2. Agh! I can hardly bear to speak of it. I resisted the lure of scrapbooking for years, then someone invited me to a party and I got sucked in and loved it (I’ve always had a thing for paper). I made a few albums and accumulated a shitload of paper and then my husband got tired of my stuff piled on the dining room table and moved it all downstairs, which made perfect sense but I just don’t go down there to do it, so… mess, guilt, etc. I think it’s a lovely thing to do with your daughter, and the nice thing is you can really keep it as simple or go as all-out as you want. Just make sure to do everything acid-free so it lasts.

    1. Paper! Yes! It’s part of the attraction of books, I think, and the reason I’m an e-book hold-out. There’s just something about the tactile experience of paper. At one point I started getting into iris folding = have you ever seen it? Pretty cool. And I remember having an origami book many many years ago, probably not much older than Meena.

      Thanks for the acid-free tip. Going shopping tomorrow.

  3. I just looooooove the idea of the adventure book. Are these places you plan to visit in the near future, or “dream” destinations (just snooping to see if you’re really off to Paris – major jealousy!!). I have one daughter who loves maps and the Eiffel Tower and I think she’d love this project.

    1. I love maps too! There’s a blog post/personal essay/something kicking around in my head about my love affair with my map of the London Underground.

      I think there may be a mix – the original plan was to plan (and build excitement for) actual trips (and yes, Paris is definitely in the plans :). A friend just told me about a similar project of her daughter’s that amounts to her bucket list (so activities, too, like sky diving and snow boarding). It’s entirely possible this project will grow, too…

  4. I was once into scrapbooking, for about a week and a half. Recently I handed over all my supplies and paper and punches and stickers to Rachel. She loves it. Now I have to keep printing photos for her to use in her pages.

  5. I also have a rubbermaid chest of drawers that is referred to as the ‘Vault of Unfinished Projects’ (you have to imagine that being said with an echo effect). The scrapbooking stuff lived there, along with the cross-stitch stuff (tons of silks and aida and a couple of patterns that I finally gave to my Mom this summer), the red baby sweater I’m knitting for Rachel (who’s turning 10 this month), you get the idea… 🙂

    1. LOL. Yup. Sounds familiar. I managed to purge a LOT when we moved, but I still own woodworking equipment that is still packed in the original box, sealed with the original tape.

  6. Oh my, I can’t help you on your scrapbooking journey. That’s a whole other world to me. Like learning another language. However, I support you 100%. Have fun!

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