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Stupid. (It’s the new smart.)

A few days ago, I was panicking on Facebook (I do that a lot):

Physio thinks I may have a labral tear, and that’s what’s causing the hip pain. She’s written a letter to ask my doc to refer a surgeon, but she’s ALSO warned me that some surgeons will just tell me to lose weight before they’ll even agree to treat me. Between that, and knowing I’m not keeping at my exercises the way I should, I haven’t worked up the nerve to go to the doc.

This garnered a deluge of indignant sympathy, which I totally appreciated, but I also felt kinda bad. Because, you know, what I was worrying about hadn’t actually happened yet. And it’s not my doc I’m scared of (did I mention he’s awesome? Yeah, I think I did.) It’s the image of walking into a sport-surgeon’s office only to have him tell me to lose some weight (and not let the door slam on my fat ass on the way out).

Well, today my the good Dr. C and M (my physio) between them managed to make me feel TOTALLY STUPID. M gave me a note to take to Dr. C, outlining the issues with my hip, and suggesting an MRI & a visit to a sports doctor/surgeon.

Today I saw Dr. C. He sees no need to see a sports doc until we see the results of the MRI.


And as a bonus? M brought up emotional eating in her note (I didn’t expect that). And Dr. C made sure we’re dealing with that, too – recommended a clinic that he’s had luck with with other patients.

Oh, and reminded me that I can come talk to him, too.

Did I mention I LOVE MY DOCTOR???

So yep, definitely feel stupid. But I’m getting smarter.


  1. Oh, that’s great news (about your doctor, I mean)!

    I’m the same – I need to see a new doctor and the idea of having them talk to me about my weight is almost more than I can handle. (They won’t tell me anything I don’t know!)

    Great that your doctor understands the emotional eating side and has some knowledge of support!!!


    1. Exactly! I mean, I don’t mind *talking* about it with someone who has something useful to say. But judgement I can’t handle.

  2. That’s really great news, sometimes doctors surprise me (it’s unfortunately the majority of the time I hear about bad experiences with doctors).

    I’d love to hear about this clinic that some patients have had luck with – I need some help in that area.

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