EuroCaching 2014 – By The Numbers

Caches found: fifty Most countries cached in a single day: three Time on the ground in Zurich before finding a cache: twenty-seven minutes Nights out with local cachers in Luxemboug: one Languages spoken at the dinner table: four Friendships forged over the course of the evening: many Depth of the Pétrusse valley, Luxembourg City: 379 metres Number of times […]

Mud on the Tires

5.7 km!!!! That’s a record for a lunchtime hike. And, truth be told, more than really fits in a lunch “hour”. But I really REALLY wanted to try this puzzle cache… So. Welcome to today’s caching adventure. It’s pretty straight-forward. Just park here: Then slither down the gravel embankment, nip about 600m into the woods to […]

Rambling Lumberjacks (Or, Hi my name is Jean, this is my brother Jean, and this is my other brother Jean)

This post doesn’t make much sense (that is to say, it makes even less sense than usual) unless you also read yesterday’s post. But if you don’t want to do that, the executive summary: I’m going to London. I’m taking a bunch of geocaching hitchhikers with me. (Are you sure you don’t want to read […]