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The Emperor’s New Poem

Poetry perplexes me.
They say it arouses feelings.
In me, it arouses the feeling
that I’m missing something.
Some great poetic joke.

Perhaps I can write poetry.

Just insert
carriage returns
in odd places

Punctuation and grammar optional
Capitalization Random,
the occasional blank line.

What do you feel now?


    1. Glad I’m not alone :). Do you ever try to read it? Meena has recently glommed-on to a couple of Shel Silverstein books, and we’re enjoying them together. Maybe that will help put me into the poetry frame of mind… I’d love to get there! The people who love it really REALLY love it!

    1. I seem to remember you recommending Margaret Atwood’s poetry, no? Still on my ‘to read’ list. I should double check if I ever got around to requesting some at the library.

    1. Ditto. Poetry is not for skimmers. Curious – do you also skim/skip poems and song lyrics in novels? I’m terrible for that.

  1. It wasn’t until I read Allison’t comment that I realised that perhaps I have the same problem… I never appreciate poetry (and never have). I’m a skim reader so perhaps that’s why I don’t appreciate it enough!


    1. Maybe we both need to learn to slow down, stop and savour the metaphors :). I should ask Brie for a tutorial on how to read poetry.

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