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The #SundaySupper #PuddingFail

I should have known better.

This week is a special edition of #SundaySupper: everyone is bringing a recipe from one of Christina Ferrare‘s books or web site. I promised to bring Fourth Generation Rice Pudding, which was all fine and dandy – until I tried to and adapt it for the crockpot (don’t ask me why – actually, I’ll tell you why – remembering to stir is not my forte).

If you like, you can try it for yourself. The ingredients are on Christina’s web site (along with her directions, which I imagine work perfectly well :). Here are my directions:

  • Dump all the ingredients in the crock pot.
  • Remember how badly the first (several) batches of Carrot Ginger Soup went (too much liquid), and add more rice.
  • Set the timer to cook on low from 1am to 9am.
  • Take a peek at 7am and discover you still have a TON of liquid and a tiny clump of totally uncooked rice.
  • Crank up the crock to high.
  • Seriously consider adding even more rice, but don’t. This, incidentally, will be the first right call you’ve made so far because 30 minutes later…
  • Poof! The rice has suddenly exploded, and you realize that the extra maybe wasn’t such a good idea after all.


So, feel free to try this for yourself, or for the less adventurous more sensible, try Christina’s recipe, perhaps paired with the wine reccomendations from Wine Everyday. And don’t forget to check out some of the other dishes at Sunday Supper:

Ever had a #PuddingFail?


    1. Jen, I LOVE the way you think :). I’ll definitely be trying it again. By the time I’m done, Christina may still hardly recognize it, but something like this ALWAYS just makes me want to keep trying until I get it right – I just don’t usually blog the fails :). Maybe I should!

  1. Oh no! I’ve had my share of fails, like my coconut cream pie turning into coconut cream pudding for Easter(filling never set). I echo Jen – excuse to try again πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Carla! Maybe we should swap recipes – this would have made a pretty good pie filling :P.

    1. No question there! I will totally try this again. I love what the butter added to it, I never would have thought to include that on my own. My next kitchen goal is to perfect this to the point where I can serve it – and post it πŸ™‚

  2. YOU TOTALLY CRACK ME UP. LOVE IT. Of course, I never fail at ANYTHING… LOL Actually, I am saving a few of my kitchen disasters so I can compile them into a post. I’ll let you know when I post it, it may be of some comfort. You had the courage to try this another way, and next time it will go better.

    1. Yes! Definitely let me know when you post that :). Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve posted a cooking fail, and I only did because I’d committed to posting today. I think maybe I’ll not worry so much, and go ahead and post them. Of course, not all fails are that exciting: “Oh look, there’s too much water in the soup. Again.” doesn’t have the same dramatic impact as “OH MY GOD THE RICE IS CRAWLING OUT OF THE POT!”

        1. Ok, I admit it. I had to look of “Strega Nona”. And the Wikipedia page is just not going to cut it – totally going to try and find the book :). Thanks!! This is what I love about blogging. One little post and I have three different ideas of how to turn a kitchen disaster into a total win – plus a new book to buy!

  3. Oh I have had my cooking fails too. One is caramel cake. Failed twice and still have not found the right recipe. Posted about both of the fails on my blog too. Try, try again.

    1. Thanks Renee! And good for you for blogging about them. It was initially frustrating, because of course I wanted a recipe to share, but of course it’s important for me to remember that this is a blog, not a recipe book, and sharing the experience is all part of the fun!

  4. Unfortunately, I’ve been there & done that! I had a ‘crunchy-rice disaster’ at a dinner I served for my Mother-in-law. YIEKS!!
    Try it again, and let us know how it comes out!
    but for tonight, At least you have your wine!! Cheers!

    1. Yikes indeed! How did THAT turn out? I didn’t get a chance to get the wine – this is a long weekend in Canada, and the liquor stores are notoriously busy (particularly today, since it’s closed tomorrow), but it’s on my shopping list!

  5. Cooking fails are just a part of the experience! As long as you more or less know what to correct, try it again! You’ll be happy you did, and smile when you think of this post πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Lyn! Definitely! I’m hoping I can bring a rescued version to a future #SundaySupper πŸ™‚

    1. :). Yes, you’ll notice this is *not* filed under “Losing It”. Whole milk and heavy cream – man oh man, I don’t think I’ve ever made anything like this before!!

    1. *g* I’m a lot less grumpy about it now than I was before – I’m just glad the rice stopped expanding when it hit the top of the pot!

    1. Hi Angie! It tasted good but it was a little… firm. Like I could have let my kids bounce on it :). But still edible! I think I may try doing it in molds…

  6. Okay, it may have “exploded”….but did you taste it? It looks good…I think I would have tried to dive in with a spoon anyways! LOL! I love rice pudding! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I totally dove in :). I think it’s the butter that gave it that lovely colour on top. Certainly not something I’ve ever tried in rice pudding, but future versions will definitely include it! It tasted fine, but you could have used it as brick mortar. Didn’t stop it disappearing, though πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I know! It just sucked that it had to happen to a recipe where I’d committed to a blog deadline :P.

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