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This Is Wholesome

You may or may not have watched that Honey Maid video, the one that responds to the wholesome-haters. If not, maybe you’ve just become jaded when it comes to viral videos that tug at the heartstrings.

Me too.

But I decided to watch this one. Not because I’ve seen the original ads – I haven’t. When I heard about them on Ottawa Morning, I vacillated between being perplexed and repulsed by all the negative attention they were garnering. I wasn’t surprised to see the haters out in full force over anything gay-positive; disgusted, of course, but not surprised. But a mixed race couple? Really? What decade is this?

It was a brilliant marketing move: people are flocking to YouTube to watch an ad. If you want to see it on the Huffington Post, you have to watch an ad just to get to the ad. And I have no doubt that Honey Maid’s goal is to sell graham crackers, not save the world. But the fact that they felt they could pull this off gives me hope. Seeing a glut of ugly, hateful messages engulfed in a sea of loving, positive ones gives me even more hope.

Because here’s the thing: there may be “One Million Moms” getting their knickers in a  knot while two dads down the block raise a daughter, but the rest of us don’t see a “gay couple”, we see Denis and Ethan, and all we’re worried about is whether you guys are going to make it to the BBQ on Saturday because the kids have been begging for Ethan’s Donald Duck impression all. week.


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