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Top 3 Signs You’re A Bad Mother

Top three signs you’re a Bad Mother – kindergarten is about to begin and…

Number 3

You skipped School Bus Safety Day. With a kid who has never been on a bus with mom, much less by herself.

Number 2

You don’t know when or where the school bus stops. Actually, you’re not even sure if your baby (did I mention she’s never been on a bus before?) even has a seat ON the bus.

Number 1

You’re me.

In other news, you’ll be happy to hear that the brown corduroy chairs have been safely restored to their home in the family room. Apparently I take better care of my furniture than I do of my kids.

I can’t sleep.


  1. Teachers, bus drivers, school staff know that these children are 3 and 4 when they start out. They don’t just let the children fend for themselves; they guide them and they have lists, and they take care of them. She will be fine. 🙂

  2. I had never even heard of these School Bus Safety things until recently. You put them on, the teacher gets them off, there’s not too much that go wrong there. “Make sure you sit down” pretty much covers it IMO. They will be FINE, don’t worry about it!

    1. Yeah, I’m not so much stressed about the safety aspect. But persuading her to get on the bus might be an issue :).

  3. Ha! I have a whole year to wait before I embark on my own (my child’s own?) school bus debacles. Good fun.

    Hope your girl has has a great first day!

    1. Fortunately(?) today was just meet the teacher. Friday is a ‘regular’ day (and bus day) with half the class, Tuesday we go prime-time. I’m not sure that ‘fortunately’ is the right word, because honestly, she is ready to go! She did the cutest little twirly dance, like she could barely contain her excitement, as we walked into the classroom.

      BUT the bus. Of course, she has suddenly started being even more worried about the bus. So naturally, I’m feeling even *better* about missing Bus Safety Day.


      But exciting, nonetheless. Be ready to cry 🙂

    1. Thanks Alison :). I’ve attempted to redeem myself by baking a “school bus cake” (post to follow – it’s either going to be incredibly cool or a complete disaster). Of course, what I *should* have been spending that time on is checking her list so I’d have realized we’re still missing a lunch bag.

      Sigh. At least I finally called this morning so I know what time to catch the bus tomorrow!

    2. Commented on your blog, but just in case you don’t follow comments that far back:


      Ok, so first of all, THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME THIS LINK! I feel better. I knew it was going to be good from the moment I saw those scissors.

      Except – well – doesn’t this establish that she’s going to REMEMBER my inadequacies, even back as far as JK? Thank god I decided to make that bus cake 😛

      1. I’m glad you liked the post. I don’t always check old posts for comments, so thanks for pointing it out. It kind of scares me sometimes the things Rachel remembers from when she was really young. She’s like an elephant. I look forward to seeing/reading about the school bus cake! My kids have gone to school with their lunches in plastic grocery bags before now. Martha Stewart I am not. 🙂

        1. Yanno, I think a shopping bag is going to have to do, at least for tomorrow. I do have some small ones. Thanks for pointing that out – aside from not wanting to rush around after work, I’d much rather take her shopping and let her pick something anyhow.

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